Leadership Team

Meet the team that partners with your institution to achieve long-term growth and deliver the best online learning experiences across the globe. Our leadership team pioneered online programme management services and has partnered with more than 40 universities to launch, grow and support over 150 programmes around the world.

"No single investment in a lifetime will have a bigger effect on your life, income and personal well-being."

Steve Fireng, Chief Executive Officer

I love how dynamic and collaborative this sector is. I find that people working in higher education tend to do so by choice and because they have a real passion for the impact education can have on people’s lives.

- Patrick Klein, Managing Director

“I believe that ‘online education’ is now just ‘education,’ in the same way that ‘digital marketing’ is just ‘marketing.’”

-Daniel Baresic, Global VP of Marketing

"I’m an eternal optimist and think that together we can achieve pretty much anything."

Emma King, Director of Instructional Design

"I measure success with targets and growth rates, but also by the people around me. Beyond the numbers, success depends on a highly motivated team that represents core business values, appreciates their role in our success and strives for continuous development."

Whitney Markham, Head of Recruitment

“Employee satisfaction, positive partner feedback and student testimonials are good signs that we are successfully executing on our efforts.” 

James Morgan, Global VP of Admissions

"I love combining the deep level of cross-functional expertise we have at Keypath with the passion of our academic partners to meet the needs of the global citizens around the world."

Catalina Rosellini, Chief Operating Officer, Europe

“The access to quality higher education, regardless of location and/or lifestyle, is a game-changer for many populations around the globe.”

James A. Tribue, III, VP of New Program Development

“The quest to improve online education keeps me interested in higher education, and being able to share this passion with our faculty, people who will inspire generations to come, is a privilege.”

Chris Valadez, Global VP of Instructional Services

“What we do helps people reach goals they never thought they could achieve on their own. That keeps me motivated to continue learning and growing, myself.”

Robin Washington, Global VP of Student Services

"Maintaining professional integrity and nurturing relationships are important for building trust, especially when working with educators."

Cindy Wheatley, Chief Academic Strategist