Steve Fireng

Steve Fireng

Global Chief Executive Officer

Steve Fireng has more than 25 years of experience in postsecondary education, having led both institutional and corporate teams. Education is his lifelong passion, not a job.

Steve specializes in guiding colleges and universities to reach their full growth potential through program management, enrollment management, marketing and operational excellence.

The highlights of his career include partnering with the world’s top institutions, pioneering 100% online programs, achieving industry-leading graduation rates, and developing sustainable revenue streams to help colleges and universities better serve the next generation of students.

Alma Mater
  • Northern Arizona University – The W.A. Franke College of Business, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

"No single investment in a lifetime will have a bigger effect on your life, income and personal well-being."

Steve Fireng, Chief Executive Officer

What do you bring to Keypath Education as Chief Executive Officer?

An understanding of higher education during the last 25 years and a vision for where it is going. I had known Keypath Education from my early days on the admissions side as a provider of stellar services.

Keypath Education has maintained that reputation in service delivery. I am excited to be a part of taking the history and experience of the company into the future with closer partnerships and key focus areas like integrated marketing, program management, and international marketing and recruitment. All of what we do will result in schools attracting, acquiring and retaining successful students.

How do you measure your success?

Success equals:

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement, because employees make the difference
  • Partners' satisfaction so they can better support students
  • The number of students who realize their career dreams

What’s your personal motto?

Where you are, be there! Whether you are at work, with your family or at sporting events, you should be there 100%. Life is about being focused entirely on where you are in any moment.

What excites you about higher education? 

Two things:
The end result. The ROI. No single investment in a lifetime will have a bigger effect on your life, income and personal well-being. Education has the chance to change a family tree for the better, and I’m fortunate to have come from a family where I witnessed education’s power growing up.

Second, I have been very fortunate to be a part of transforming education. Higher education had not changed much for decades, but the 21st century has brought rapid positive change because of technology and schools’ willingness to use it to deliver education. With Keypath Education's tech-enabled solutions, we can be at the heart of many more transformational changes in higher education for decades to come.

What’s the one hobby you couldn’t live without?

Golf. I really wish I had time to play more than five times a year!