Research & Programme Discovery

Your university needs a roadmap for what’s ahead, one that lays out both the opportunities and the pitfalls to avoid in launching online programmes. Our proprietary research and market intelligence helps your institution reach your goals faster.

The difference between quick wins and long-term results lies in the quality of the initial and ongoing research. Our research evaluates both market conditions and internal capabilities, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Market Research

Our research emphasizes three areas: degree demand trending, occupational demand drivers and the online competitive landscape. The Keypath Education research team assists our university partners to make data-driven decisions by evaluating 20 data points, 120 critical success factors and 20 financial metrics.

Our team uses this comprehensive higher education research methodology to develop a predictive financial model. The financial model projects enrollment for each programme as well as our partners’ projected operating costs and overall financial potential, ensuring long-term viability of the partnership.

We believe education research is never done, and we provide ongoing research support throughout the partnership. Our team qualifies additional programme launch opportunities, conducts ongoing competitor analysis, informs quarterly and yearly marketing plans and identifies high-growth target markets.

conducting market research
conducting market research

Online Programme Modeling

Together with our university partners, we design online and low residency programme models that allow maximum accessibility for busy working professional students, increased enrolment velocity, and streamlined institutional costs and resources.

Institutional Discovery

Market research can reveal programme potential, but it’s equally important to know your institution’s ability to launch online programmes. Keypath conducts on-campus interviews with your faculty and staff to analyze institutional readiness in admissions, financial aid, information technology, and other key areas.

Our team benchmarks the results of these discovery sessions with industry-standard best practices to produce a gap analysis report with recommendations. This report informs strategy, resource planning and integration between your team and ours.

UK Higher Education Expertise

The online higher education market in the UK is growing rapidly due to demand from nontraditional students, including adult professionals and international students. Keypath has identified significant opportunity for British universities to capture this demand and extend access to their high quality degree programmes by taking them online. We understand the complex challenges faced by British institutions, including the unique political and cultural considerations. Our Coventry office is fully staffed to provide in-country support to our UK partner universities.