Student Support & Retention

There are unsung heroes behind world-class online programmes. These are the student support advisors who get to know students on a first-name basis and work with them for the entirety of their academic career.

It comes as no surprise that working adults furthering their education have obligations outside of coursework that can distract and demotivate them. Student support advisors play a crucial role in helping students persist through temporary setbacks, and their ability to forge personal relationships over time maximizes course completion.

Personalised Attention

Students have an assigned student support advisor for their entire learning experience. These advisors are responsible for assisting students with all non-academic matters, including orientation, login information, regular check-ins, module registration, communicating graduation requirements and applying for graduation.

student advisor

Concierge Support


Up to 95% term-over-term retention rate with Keypath student support services



Additionally, student support advisors are trained on identifying a set of at-risk indicators, including consistently late assignments, technology challenges, lack of login activity and more. Student support advisors coach students toward successful resolution of at-risk indicators.

"It has been an interesting experience, as I am learning to juggle work, life and studying. I'm properly guided by my course tutor and student support who are always available to answer any questions about the issues I'm facing."

Online student at Keypath partner university

Transparent Communication

All communication between student support advisors and students stems from a mutually understood framework for resolving student issues. Once this framework is in place, all communication between student support advisors and students is logged in a central CRM that can be reviewed with university staff.

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