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It's hard to know where marketing begins and ends in our always-on, multi-screen, media-rich culture. For us, it never ends.


Careers Marketing Team


We have a constant and data-driven focus on the prospective student, and what their motivations and needs are across their entire customer journey. A continuous feedback loop from the first touch through to graduation feeds our understanding of the ideal student, so we continue to refine and optimise our marketing efforts. 

In-house expertise

Our team of marketing specialists and full-stack marketers builds on more than two decades of higher education marketing experience and brings a global perspective in recruiting working adults and non-traditional students. Working alongside your internal marketing teams, we blend strategic insight, creative execution, channel integration and continual optimisation for long-term enrolment growth. 

Data-informed approach

As with everything we do, our marketing strategies begin with data and are guided by the Programme BLUEPRINT™. In collaboration with your marketing teams, we create a series of ideal student personas which guide our strategy for compelling messaging, content and media mix. From the moment our campaigns hit the market, we test all marketing activities with proprietary models, measured against industry benchmarks and visualised in real-time reporting. 

Creative content

Our creative team are agile, scalable, and capable of tackling everything from TV and long-form editorial to social media marketing and email nurturing campaigns. We get to know your brand identity well, and it's our mission to share your university's story in creative and compelling ways in channels where we know our prospective students are most likely to respond. Working hand-in-hand with the SEO team, our team creates content marketing strategies that see us win in keyword rankings and optimise exposure for your university.

Marketing integration

Keypath's approach integrates several higher education marketing disciplines with the singular goal of guiding prospective students from awareness to enrolment. Whether it's search engine marketing, paid search or traditional media, each channel complements another, creating a frictionless experience for prospective students to take the next step to become a student with your university. 

International capabilities

Global demand for higher education is growing into a multi-billion dollar opportunity for universities to diversify their recruitment efforts. We evaluate your programme, target markets, market demand and more to develop a customised international marketing strategy. Our experience working with universities in the top four higher education destinations to enroll students from 45 countries gives us a unique perspective in extending your university's reach. Our network of international strategic partners continues to grow, allowing us to stay ahead of trends in the market.




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