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A lot happens for a student between enquiry and enrolment, so it’s crucial to have a human-centred, detailed, timely and strategic admission and enrollment process.


Careers Student Success Team


Dedicated Enrolment Advisors

Our Enrolment Advisors are dedicated only to your university, and field all prospective student phone and online enquiries. By taking a consultative approach, our advisors follow detailed communication guidelines from the first enquiry to confirmed enrolment. These advisors are trusted liaisons, working with prospective students to understand their goals and motivation for further education, and assisting them with the steps and information required to enrol. 


Is this the right program for a prospective student's career goals? Have they completed all of their prerequisites? Did they successfully submit their application? Do they understand how to enrol? Enrolment Advisors are there to answer these questions and more, ensuring your university never loses a prospective student because they couldn't find the information they needed when they needed it. 

Seamless integration with marketing

Our Enrolment Advisors are well versed in our higher education marketing strategies. They work alongside the marketing team and are briefed on the Programme BLUEPRINT™, so they have a strong understanding of the target personas, value propositions, and learning outcomes of a programme. They are also experienced with technology systems, allowing them to assist prospective students within minutes of enquiry and use CRM solutions to their full potential. 

Working hand-in-hand with Student Support and Retention

Once a student is enrolled, the Enrolment Advisor introduces them to their Support Advisor and briefs the Support Advisor on the motivations and goals of the student. This handover provides the student with the confidence to know that they have many champions for their success and avenues for support throughout their study journey.

Your university retains full control

Our Enrolment Advisors forward completed applications that match your selection criteria. Your university controls final admission decisions.


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