About Us

What unites Keypathers around the globe? We all believe in the transformative power of higher education, and are committed to helping our university partners create the best online education experiences and reach more students than ever before.

Continuing the Tradition

Our leadership team pioneered the first online programme management partnerships and helped launch hundreds of today’s most successful online programmes. They aren’t ones to rest on their laurels, though. They are driven to find what’s next and build the best team in the business.

“Be Bold and Do Meaningful Work.”

You could call it our mantra. We seek out unique challenges. We move at a fast pace by choice. We push ourselves to be lifelong learners and demand the best from one another. It’s The Keypath Way, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Building True Partnerships

The traits that bind us together internally are the same qualities we look for in our university partners. We value open and honest feedback. We treat our partners’ brands with the utmost respect. And truth be told, big challenges motivate us. One-hundred percent of our online programmes have launched on time, and they’ve all exceeded our partners’ goals within two years.

But Our Partners Can Say It Better Than We Can:

"We believe in the Keypath model and we push each other to go beyond what we thought possible. It is a true partnership and we are open and honest with each other about how to achieve shared success."

Simon Willans, Director of Online Partnerships, Aston University

A Message From Our CEO

Education transforms lives. It enriches society, boosts productivity and fuels innovation. That belief fuels our passion for our mission: to expand global access to high-quality online education.

The world’s best and brightest continue to choose Britain for their higher education. Irrespective of political and regulatory changes, our universities will continue to be a vital export and will help Britain strengthen its reputation as a dynamic and truly international economy. But we must not be complacent; innovation is essential if the UK is to avoid falling behind in the race for global excellence in higher education.

High-quality online learning is a critically important piece of this innovative education ecosystem. It has become hugely attractive to mid-career professionals looking to develop their careers alongside their work, childcare and other responsibilities. Many of those in careers being displaced by technology are using it to retrain and reskill for new industries. Meanwhile, those in good careers find that Masters degrees are increasingly a prerequisite for progression into executive roles. For these students the opportunity to work, earn and learn is not only a convenient route for study, it is the only one.

I am incredibly proud of the important work Keypath is doing with our partner universities to innovate teaching models and reach a more diverse student population. Our student retention is now in excess of 90% and we are working with current and prospective students in over 150 countries. This is not only a reflection of our team’s outstanding impact but also the innate strength of Britain’s international reputation.  

The demand from students for high-quality online higher education will continue to rise over the next decade. In order to serve them, Keypath will continue to choose exceptional partner Universities with the vision and leadership to reimagine higher education. As we do, we will transform lives, strengthen our economy and ensure that our world-leading higher education sector continues to be at the vanguard of the world.

Rajay Naik
CEO, Europe

Rajay's CEO msg

“We develop a trusting partnership with our institutions and they understand how our mission and values impact our success. Together we’ve experienced success in enrolment, growth and completion.”

Cindy Wheatley, Ph.D., SVP of Research at Keypath